Inside Cover


“To Commit ourselves to our own Ingenuity and Industry:”


Early Philadelphia Shipbuilding, 1676-1810,


Joshua Humphreys




The Shipbuilding Community of Southwark: An Embattled Enclave






American Philosophical  Society Proceeding – APSP


Historical Society of Pennsylvania – HSP


IndependenceSeaportMuseum – ISM


Journal of American History – JAH


PennsylvaniaHospital Archives – PHA


Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography – PMHB


Philadelphia Branch of the National Archives – PBNA


PhiladelphiaCity Archives – PCA


PhiladelphiaMuseum of Art – PMA






Chapter 1: “The Bigger of My New Ships is near Launching…:” Early Philadelphia    Shipbuilding, 1676-1770


Chapter 2: To Build Ships for the American Navy


Chapter 3: To Build Ships for the United States Navy


Chapter 4: American Warships at Sea, 1797-1798


Chapter 5: From High Tide to Low Tide, 1798-1801


Chapter 6: The Rivals and the Enemies


Chapter 7: The Shipbuilding Community of Southwark, 1788-1810: An Embattled






1. Early Philadelphia Shipbuilders, 1684-1768.


2. Shipbuilding Community of Southwark, keyed to maps, Figure 10 & 11.






Figure 1: A map of the northern portion of the Philadelphia waterfront, 1762


Figure 2: A map of the southern portion of the Philadelphia waterfront, 1762


Figure 3: Matthew Birch’s 1820 oil painting of a shipyard beneath the Penn Treaty Tree


Figure 4: Pit sawing


Figure 5: Caulking


Figure 6: Joshua Humphreys’ Diagonal Riders


Figure 7: a photograph of a Mold Loft


Figure 8: A Keel on blocks and the technique of scarfing wood


Figure 9: A Matthew Birch print of the U.S. Philadelphia under construction in Joshua


Humphreys’ Southwark shipyard


Figures 10 & 11: Maps of the shipbuilding community of Southwark and the location of


The homes of twenty-three residents


Figure 12: A photograph of the home of Southwark merchant, Paul Beck


Figure 13: A photograph of the home of Southwark lumber merchant, Joseph Huddle


Figure 14: A photograph of side by side homes of middling craftsmen on Front St. in




Figure 15: A photograph of an artisan’s home on Mary St. in Southwark



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