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Tax Assessment  and Deed Records:


“CountyTaxes, Southwark District.” 1773-1775, PCA.

“Deed Books for the City and County of Philadelphia.” 1684-1805, microfilm, 22 reels,    HSP.

“Tax Assessor’Ledgers, Southwark,” 2 vols., 1789-1793 and 1794-1796, PhiladelphiaCity        Archives.

“Tax List for the city and county of Philadelphia, 1772,” microfilm, HSP.


Maps & Paintings:


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______, “Philadelphia, 1702, Map of Philadelphia,” Stauffer Collection, HSP.

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______, “Plan of the District of Southwark in the County of Philadelphia,” 1789, HSP.

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Theses and Dissertations:

Bric, Maurice J. “Ireland, Irishmen and the Broadening of the late Eighteenth Century    Philadelphia Polity.” Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, JohnHopkinsUniversity,          1991.

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Southwark Papers:


Finletter, Frances, V. “Southwark and the Delaware River: A History of Southwark.”    Typewritten manuscript, Society Collection, 1967, HSP.

“General Account of the Supervisors for the District of Southwark.” Society            Miscellaneous Collection, HSP

“Journal of the Building Committee of Commissioners Hall.” MSS, HSP.

“Register of District Surveyor.” 2 vol., 1786-1854, PCA.

“Southwark—Lightfoot, Thomas, Survey: ‘one made when Anthony Morris owned the        Property.’” Shuber Collection, HSP.“Southwark, PA: Commissioners Records, 1          789-1842.” MSS, HSP.

“Southwark, Property Titles, 1724-1859.” Deed Collection, HSP.

“Thomas Wharton to William Fisher: Of the Creation of the Borough of Southwark.”    A.L.S. Gratz Collection, Pennsylvania Series Provincial Congress, Case 1, Box            13, HSP.




Dennis, John. “Petition of Philadelphia Shipbuilders.” Petition, Society Collection,

            Box 4a, D.S. HSP.

“Dennis, Mr. (John). To Tench Coxe: Dimensions of Mr. Dennis’ brig.” Tench Coxe    Section, Coxe Papers, Incoming Correspondence, HSP.

Johnson, Amandus, “The Swedes in Pennsylvania, 1641-1682.” Amandus Johnson       Papers, 1897-1974, HSP.

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Letters: Duane, William to Coxe, Tench, Coxe Papers, Incoming Correspondence, HSP.

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Prime, Phoebe Phillips. “The Alfred Coxe Prime Directory of Craftsmen.” 4 vols.     complied, microfilmed, and photocopied by Phoebe Phillips Prime, 1960, HSP.

“Shipbuilders on the Delaware River, 1793-1827.” Typed research file compiled by Craig Bruns, curator of collections, ISM.

“Shipbuilders Repository, Appendix 4, The Principal Dimensions and Scantlings.” 1789       edition, rare books collection, ISM.














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