Map Locations

 For Figure

1. Joshua Humphreys                         Swanson St., behind SwedesChurch

2. James Owner                                  33 Prime St.

3. Richard Berriman                           7 Mary St.

4. William Bills                                  33 Christian St.

5. Jeremiah Much                               Swanson St., behind SwedesChurch

6. Francis Mitchel                               12 Plumb St. or 384 S. Front St.

7. John Delavau                                  389 S. Second St, between Catherine and Queen

8. Benjamin Hutton                            Water St., between Christian and Queen

9. Thomas Eastburn                            Cox’s Alley, near SwedesChurch

10. Stephen Beasley                           Swanson St., beyond SwedesChurch

11. Richard Thomas                           Second St., between Catherine and Queen

12. George Black                                198 S. Front St.

13. John Turner                                  10 Christian St., near Church Alley

14. Philip McCracken                         57 Queen St.

15. William Art                                  Front St. at Prime

16. Thomas Larkum                           Front St.

17. John Petherbridge                         Second & Queen Sts.

18. William Gamble                           Queen St., between Front and Swanson

19. Benjamin Philips                          Almond St., between Front & Second Sts.

20. Nathaniel Jackson                        Catherine St., between Second and Third Sts.

21. Nathaniel Hutton                          814 S. Front St.

22. Joseph Huddle                              9 Queen St.

23. Paul Beck                                      826 S. Front St.

* The last three entries are designated by modern numeration

** On the 1794 A.P. Folie Map, Prime St. is incorrectly labeled as “Prune” St.




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